I have my new laptop now!  It is very very cool.  Hopefully I will not spend too much time playing Zuma instead of my homework.  So far, I have written a lab report and a paper on it.  Good for me. 

Justin is really busy lately.  And very stressed.  I am trying to make sure that I know his anger and frustration are not my fault.  For some reason I always feel that way.  Not always maybe, but a lot.  A lot of times it does not bring me down with him, but sometimes it does.  I just need to remember that no matter what, he loves me.  I just do not mean to frustrate him.

I sure cannot wait until my new room.  If it ever comes of course.  I just have a hard time with such little room.

I am hungry, so I think I am going to go figure out something to eat.

Night all.