Risky Business

Justin does not want me to get my tattoo.  Under threat of us being no more.  He will not really break up with me.  I want this tattoo.  I want it because I want it, it has nothing to do with rebellion or trying to prove anything.  I want the tattoo!  But I said I would not.  For him.  He says when I am 20, then I can get one.  But I want it now.  I just do not know what to do.

Justin is over right now.  He was going to leave, but I am upset and he said he would stay a little longer.  He is sitting in the kitchen playing 2 handed 500.  His idea.  When I wanted him to stay a little longer to spend time with me.  I want to say goodbye and go to bed.  But I cannot.  Because I cannot go to bed angry.  It hurts too much.

So I am not very good right now.  I am sad.  I am angry.  I am pissy.