Do you ever imagine your future family and wonder how dysfunctional it is going to turn out?  Well I do.  Is that weird?

Anyways…  Fourth of July weekend is coming up.  Justin will be in Nebraska, which makes me kinda sad.  We do not get to spend that many holidays together.  But that will someday change.  Maybe when I get to spend every holiday with him I will get sick of it… so I might as well cherish my times with my girlfriends. 

I am very tired.  I was up at 3am this morning for about an hour.  Why you ask?  You cannot know. 

I am hungry.  And tired. 

My posts are very boring aren’t they?  I just woke up, so I have nothing important to say.  If it was later on this evening, I may have a story to tell or something to that extent.

Sonshine is coming up!  I am so very excited!  It is really going to suck if Nikki isn’t going directly with us.  But she is being a leader, and that is okay.

I think this is the longest post since the move.  So I am going to say bye now.