I Hate Post Titles

I really hate trying to come up with titles for my posts.  They never turn out very good… no, they just plain suck. 

I am tired.  Very tired.  I worked tonight. 

I am so very very extremely completely amazingly excited for Spiderman 2!!!!  Wednesday is going to rock.

Drive in Wednesday.  Why?  SPIDERMAN 2!!!

pet a monkey : eat a banana

oops… wow I am tired…

pet a banana : eat a monkey


It has been a long day.  A long good one though.  I had my grad party today.  It turned out pretty well.  A fair amount of gifts, which were no where as important as the wonderful turn out of people.  I got to see many people that I had not seen in a while and some I had.  I realized how many people really care about me and how much they do.  I do wish to go now.  Long days make for tired Amber.  I love Justin.