As of late, I am a bad person. But I am not going to tell you why, because then you will know why I am a bad person. Just believe me, I am. I am staying at my grandma’s house this week. I love it when I can get away from my family. I cannot wait until I live alone… or with Justin. Just not with my family. I just do not know what it is about my house, and my life that makes me so depressed. I am in a weird mood this week. I want to cry all of the time. It is not that I am sad, just that I am emotional. When I see sappy commercials or read touching stories in my Walgreens World magazine, I want to start crying. It is silly. Very silly.It is the 13th today. Tomorrow is Justin and I’s unofficial unofficial eleven months. That is a loooong time. Almost a year. I may not get to spend our year with him, that will be sad. I still love him just as much, actually I love him way more than I did when we started dating. He is the apple of my eye. It is good to be in love.I am almost done with school. No more high school for me. Heads up: my grad party is June 26th. You are all invited. I could use lots of prayers for the rest of this year… I am not doing that well in my classes. So if you have time, please pray for me. Thanks.I am going to go now. I smell… must take shower.


I have not updated in a while. Sorry. My mother comes home for the weekend from the hospital she is at. She is bringing a friend with her I think. That will be awkward. Is that how you spell awkward? Hmm… My parents and I do not get along. Besically I do not like them, and in turn they do not like me. I really put a lot of strain on my family. I wonder if someday I will not want my children to go visit them… But I want my children to have a good relationship with their grandparents. So maybe they will. I work tonight. I start at 4. I still like my job pretty well. Nothing wrong with it.School is almost over. That is good. Sonshine is almost here. That is good.I am going to leave now. Bye,


If you ever follow anything I advise, follow this: buy the Casting Crowns CD. But if you buy it, you must listen to its words. It does not stop there, you must follow those words.That is all I will say about that.Tomorrow is Rob’s birthday… I hope he does not mind me sharing that… But I am excited! I love birthdays. Happy early birthday Rob! I would call you in the morning so that I could be one of the first people to say it, but I do not have school so I will be dead to the world until I wake. I want to write an article on a really ridiculous topic: traffic jams. I have never understood them. If everyone just went the same speed, it would be fine! A little slow maybe, but steady. And how do they start! The other day 494 was down to one lane. But about 3 miles before it was down a lane, it was already backed up for about 3 miles. And you know how it started? There were two semis that were going about 10 mph, with completely open road ahead! Erg… Trucks.I must go now. Have a nice night all, and dream good dreams.Smile.