If you ever follow anything I advise, follow this: buy the Casting Crowns CD. But if you buy it, you must listen to its words. It does not stop there, you must follow those words.That is all I will say about that.Tomorrow is Rob’s birthday… I hope he does not mind me sharing that… But I am excited! I love birthdays. Happy early birthday Rob! I would call you in the morning so that I could be one of the first people to say it, but I do not have school so I will be dead to the world until I wake. I want to write an article on a really ridiculous topic: traffic jams. I have never understood them. If everyone just went the same speed, it would be fine! A little slow maybe, but steady. And how do they start! The other day 494 was down to one lane. But about 3 miles before it was down a lane, it was already backed up for about 3 miles. And you know how it started? There were two semis that were going about 10 mph, with completely open road ahead! Erg… Trucks.I must go now. Have a nice night all, and dream good dreams.Smile.