It is really hard to type quickly with one hand. I am trying to eat an apple at the same time that I am writing this. I am working tonight. I am completely apathetic to this fact. That was a really good apple. So yes.I have this weekend pretty much off. That will be really nice. My cousins are coming in, and I am looking forward to it. I am glad that Justin is going to spend time with them and me. I am looking forward to spending time with him very much, and as much as I love my cousins, I wanted to spend time with him.I have homework to do, so I might as well go do it. See you later!


I am going to get a tattoo. This: is the tattoo that I am going to get. It means alive. I am very very excited. I may chicken out… so be prepared for that. But after Friday we will see!


Justin and I have been together for a little over ten months now. They have been the happiest ones of my life. Yes, we have problems sometimes. But there is nothing better than knowing that we can get past them together. Justin loves to help me solve my problems. Sometimes that drives me crazy. He is excellent at it though, and I love that he tries. He cares about me so much. I am very blessed because of this.I think that I am one of the hardest people to love. I thank God everyday for sending Justin into my life to be the one to love me. I do not know if I thank him enough. Thank you Justin for loving me.

My Senior Year

If I had my senior year to do over again,
I would relax and be sillier.
I would take things less seriously.
I would take more chances, take more trips, talk to more people.
I would climb more mounatins, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets.
I would take more walks, fly more kites, pick more daffodils
and catch more butterflies.
I would eat more ice cream and less cottage cheese.
I would chew more gum and read more comics.
I would try to live more moments
(one day at a time)
imstead of jumping into the future.
I would start barefoot ealry in the spring
and stay that way later in the fall.
I would ride more merry-go-rounds
and most of all laugh…The time will be so short,
the laughter will bring tears to your eyes,
there you’ll stand, holding hands,
one more hug, one more kiss,
then good-bye…
It is almost over…


Time is a very precious thing. Today, time is not my friend. Time is making me cry, for really no reason. I just feel like I need to cry everytime I think about my boy. I guess I miss him. I really do not mind him working, and I am also working a lot. School and work is important, and more important than our time together lately. But I do not think that I like that. So yes… I miss him.


i am happy. yes i am. it is an interesting happy. i want to cry. i want to eat. and i want to sleep. but i am happy.