Today has over all been fairly okay. That is not a very good description of my day is it? Hmm… I skipped my first class. I went to my second class. I went to my third class but left early. I hope to attend 95% of my classes in April. That is my goal.I really hate it when I open up a new IE window and then completely forget why I did! Oh well. Life goes on!Oh yes, I remember now. I wanted to see if Rob had updated yet, but he has not. I have church tonight, trinity to be exact. I am getting somewhat sick of trinity. I know that is a bad thing, but it is the truth. I think it is just because I am sick of extra things on my plate. But that is alright. I cannot wait until summer! Sonshine is almost here! I am going to leave now. I have things to do. Good night have you.Laugh.