Yay for Life

Finally, my life is happy. Well, school wise. Hmmm… That makes it sound like there are things going wrong in my life. So here: Finally, my school life is happy. There. I have all of my classes straightened out. This makes me very happy. Other things do not make me happy. Like what I just found out. Turns out, the postcards that were supposed to be mailed to my Trinity girls’ parents were still in my bag. Which makes no sense whatsoever since I left them there, at least I though that I did. The postcards told their parents what time they were supposed to come in tonight for their parent/teacher conference with me. I left Jane a message asking her to please help me, because I do not have their numbers or the time to call them. So we shall see what happens. The reasons that I do not have time to call them is because I have a job interview tonight. At Walgreens in Inver Grove. Well, one of the ones in Inver Grove. Hopefully that will go well. Gosh. I feel stupid. How could I have done taken those postcards! Erg. I think I shall go now. Adios!