Today has been a pretty good day. Nothing too interesting. I am curious about a few things, but I do not need to know. I have faith and I am in love. I do not know what all of those sentences had to do with each other, but in their own little way, they did.I am a pathetic person sometimes. I just thought that you all should know.I hope that my happiness continues for more than two days like it usually does. I do think that I am getting better at making it last. We shall see. I am really excited about my next semester. I am taking classes that I am interested in and that will all transfer to wherever I go next year. I am excited about next year too. College will be a good experience for me and I will learn a lot about life. Back to that I am in love comment, I am. Justin makes me very happy. He always helps me when I need him. That is really all I needed to say.I am going to go now. Goodbye!