I have a new kitten. He is sitting in my shirt right now. He is black with white paws and a white tummy. His name is Samson. We got him on Saturday. It is really cute when he meows, cause he usually does not make any noise. He also likes to play with my fingers and bite them, which does not hurt at all. The other two kitties have not really met him yet, but the little time they have spent with himm they did not like him. They will grow to like him. I am sad. Depressed. worried, scared, in pain, anything you could think of I probably am. I went to the AT&T store today to see if they had a screwdriver for my phone that I needed to put on my new faceplate. The guy told me that he did but I should not change the cover because it makes the phone not work. I do not want my phone to not work, so I said ok and left. When I got into my car, I started to cry. I only spent $10 on my new cover, it really was not even that big of a deal, I just did not want anything else bad at that moment. I should not be writing my problems down. Other people have worse ones, and I should not burden people with them. But sometimes writing is all that I can do.I wish that I could fly away. Not really. But I wish that I could afford an apartment, or a place to live or anything. Just to get out of here.