Polka Dots

I have never seen anybody who has the chixken pox. I have never had them. I think that I would laugh at someone if I saw them like that. All spotted and bumpy. My poor children.I am going to North Hudson Elementary’s Talent Show tonight. One of my trinity girls is in it, and I am going to support her. Yay for me.My birthday is on Sunday. Come to my party! It will be fun.Would you all like to know what I am doing this weekend? Okay, good. Friday is Halloween. I am going to go over to Justin’s aunt’s (?) house for dinner. At least I think that this is the plan, he has not formally invited me yet 😉 I would like to see Jack and Sierra all dressed up, but I do not think that it will work out that way. Saturday is my parties. Yes, plural. I am having my family come over, and then the rest of the world that I invited. Sunday is my actual birthday. I will go to church. After church I think we are going to play Monopoly at McDonalds, but they were out of Best Buy Bucks, so I do not know if we will do that anymore. At about 4ish, Justin, my dad, and I are going to go to the casino. I am really sick. I think you should all pray for me… please. I do not want to be sick at my party. Nikki, if you read this… call me about getting decorations or something. I have to go to class pretty soon here. SO BYEBYE