I think that life will be good someday. People are able to get through tough times. My family is going to get back on their feet soon. I hope. But even though there are times of tears, we are all still together. Alex is having a good time lately. Things are going well for him. I pray that it continues. Nikki is going to go to a new college where she will find herself, so to speak. I hope that everything goes well for her.As for me… Someday, I will wake up next to the man I love. I will think about how today I get to make him breakfast. I will go to the doctor and see an ultrasound of my baby. When my love wakes up, he will kiss my stomach and tell his son (or daughter) to come out soon because we are anxiously waiting. I will read my article in the paper as I sit at the kitchen table. I will clumsily walk around my house picking up so it will look nice when my husband comes home. A bit later, I will have dinner on the stove when he comes home. He will come through the door, throw his briefcase down, and walk over to me. He will say, "Screw dinner!" I will be angry, because I worked so hard for him. But as he lays me down on our bed and kisses me, my anger will be gone. I will look into the eyes of my best friend. He will tell me how much he loves me and how he is so excited to spend the rest of his life together. With tears in my eyes, he will ask me what is wrong. "It’s time honey…" I will say. We will rush to the hospital to experience the birth of this life that we made. Completely made by us (and God!) with out the input of our family or friends. We will look at each other as I tell him how much I hate him for making me go through all of this pain, and that he will have to have the next one. And as we are gazing into each others’ souls, I will think about how my dream has come true.But someday is not today. Today is today. Someday will come. I need to learn to be patient though. I need to learn that I have to give it up to God and let him take control of my life. I need to learn to watch the clock when I am getting carried away in my dreams…. bye!