I do not want my graph to look bad, so I thought that I would update. I need to get back in the habit of doing it all of the time. Maybe I will. At least I will try. I should do it every time that I am at my grandma’s, but Explorer always crashes. It is very annoying.So it is Tuesday. Tuesday the 30th. Woot. Today was fine. I went to english this morning. Then I went over to my grandma’s house and sat at the computer the whole time talking to Justin and Nikki. At 1 I went to my stress management class where we did Tai Chi. This did not help me relax, but it made my back hurt worse. How nice of it huh. Then I went over to my aunt Heidi’s house to pick up my aunt Katie. I brought her to her appointment in Woodbury and then I went home. Since I got home, around 230, I have been laying on the couch. Minus about half an hour for applying to St. Thomas and eating dinner. Well I ate dinner on the couch too. So now I am just killing time. At 9 I can go to bed and talk to my sweety. I could clean my room or something, but I am not. I don’t feel like doing much of anything. My birthday is in 32 days now. I would like to do 3 things: go clubbing, go gambling, and stay in a hotel. So far nothing will happen I think. Clubbing– Justin does not want to go. Gambling– will happen but not with my dad because I don’t like him anymore. Hotel– Yeah right. So I am sure that my 18th birthday will be everything that I ever hoped for and more. Not. Well, I shouldn’t expect too much. It isn’t like it is that big of a deal anyways. It is only my birthday.I did something nice today. It was really fun. And it is a surprise! But I can’t tell what it is, and nobody can ask, unless their name is Nikki. Justin, don’t get any ideas. The surprise is probably not even for you.So I think that I have proven that I cannot talk to my parents civilly. I would go into detail, but I am not going to. Feel free to ask me! I don’t have much to say anymore. I am going to go look up Blast! and then I will be off to bed. Goodnight and I hope you all live to see tomorrow.