So I got my first assignment in college back today. I received an 81% on it. Not too good, but it will do. I misunderstood some of it, which I am sure that it was because I just did not read the instructions well enough. Oh well! I will do better next time. I am sitting here in my Biology of Women class. It is a library day today. My teacher is being rather dumb. She cannot get the overhead to show up on the projector screen, but all she has to do it move the table. She just does not realize this. Yesterday was Justin and I’s four month, as I mentioned yesterday. We went out to eat at Donatelli’s Restaurant. I had never been there before, and it was pretty cool. Afterwards, we went to his house and watched Sleepless in Seattle with his sister. It was lots of fun. A good way to spend our four month. He sure does love me, and I love him. It is such a good feeling to know how close we are. We are able to work through so many things. I am going over to Derek’s house this morning to babysit his kids. That should be fun, I love his kids. Then later I have to run up to school and drop off suckers and money. I also have to work tonight. 3-7, how fun. But it pays me money, so I might as well appreiate it! My week is fairly busy. I will probably give you a schedule later on this week. Have a good day!