I am not really confused, I just liked the title. Today has been a good day so far. Nothing bad has happened or anything. I was really tired and kinda sick this morning, but I am fine now. I got to school clean and on time. English was good. I handed in my final paper, after many revisions and help from my sweetheart. Then I went over to my grandma’s house to chill. I had left over mac and cheese for lunch, I worked out on the treadmill, and I laid down and rested with the puppy. Came back here to school and I went to health class. I have a low B in there, so I need to work harder. Actually, I just need to do well on my quizzes. I think college finals are going to kill me. So now I am just sitting in here waiting for sociology. I am really hungry… I might go get something to eat, but I shouldn’t. Who cares!So what else is new? Nothing too much. I can give you the run down on the past and upcoming weeks… Friday I got my senior pix taken.
Saturday I went over to Justin’s and watched the Nebraska football game. It was lots of fun!
Sunday we celebrated my cousin Sierra’s 2nd birthday.
Monday was the season premier of TV Night!
Today I might go over to Justin’s if he wants me to.
Wednesday I have a KC meeting and the first Wed. night of church.
Thursday, nothing yet.
Friday I get to go see my senior pictures, work lunches at school selling suckers, and it is homecoming! Yay!
Saturday I do not have to work, so I am up for whatever! I kinda wanted to get to the Renaissance Festival this year, cause I have never gone. But I probably won’t make it there.
Sunday is Justin and I’s 4 month. I don’t know if we will do anything, but who knows. Now I am going to go away. Bye!