Numero Uno

I have not been updated regularly. For this I apologize. But I am updating now. I am here at my wonderful school. How exciting for me. I could be doing homework, but I am not. I just got done taking my first official quiz of my college career. I finished in 20 minutes, maybe less, and she sent me away! So I am sitting here doing nothing because I don’t have class. My next one will not be until 3pm. Oh well. I kind of want to join a night class here. It is a stained glass art class. I thought that it would be kinda cool. But I do not know if my mom would let me. So I do not think that I will. I am getting my senior pictures done tomorrow. I am somewhat excited, but somewhat not. I don’t really care I guess. I think that I want to major in journalism. It would be cool. I am even kinda excited! But I will go now. Goodbye!