It is funny how months later I can read a post of Justin’s, and I feel feelings that I should have been telling him months sooner. My feeling aren’t those of love, well they are, but not how I love him now. The love that I have always had for him, that of the utmost care and compassion. The love that would make me sacrifice my happiness for his. This love has been one that I have felt for him for so long. And I look back at the way he was feeling during events, his reactions to circumstances, and the way that he views life, and I just need to stop and think. This person, whom I love so incredibly much, has always needed someone to love him. He has such compassion for others, for himself, for words. When I look back, I can only stop and pray that I told him these things 7, 8 months back. A year back. I hope that I told him how truly wonderful he is. How much he is needed to everyone around him. Sometimes he would want to run, as do we all. But I just hope that I told him how much I need him. How much I always have, and always will. Justin is my best friend. I can tell him things that I have never told anyone else. I love him in a way that I have never felt. I want him to be happy. Above all. There is no one I know whose happiness I want more. Justin is amazingly amazing. There is no better word that I can use. And even though he had certain feeling in the past, I need to tell him now and always, how absolutely perfect he is in my life. Justin, I love you.