You and I

Since the moment I spotted you
Like walking round with little wings on my shoes
My stomach’s filled with the butterflies… and it’s alright
Bouncing round from cloud to cloud
I got the feeling like I’m never going to come down
If I said I didn’t like it then you know I’d lied

Every time I try to talk to you
I get tongue-tied
Seems like everything I say to you
Comes out wrong and never comes out right

So I’ll say ‘why don’t you and I get together
and take on the world and be together forever
Heads we will and tails we’ll try again
So I say why don’t you and I hold each other
and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven
Cause without you they’re never going to let me in

When’s this fever going to break?
I think I’ve handled more than any man can take
I’m like a love-sick puppy chasing you around… And it’s alright

And slowly I begin to realize this is never going to end
Right about the same you walk by
And I say ‘Oh here we go again’