Cold Hard Cash

Yes. Updating every day is good. Spent the day at the salon where I decided it was time to get rid of some things. So that is what we did. 2 lines of product are gone, a few shelves are gone, and things look a lot nicer. It was a very productive day, but not the funnest. I have been up since 645. That is early. Justin came up and helped us move shelves. It was very nice of him. It is always nice to have him there, here, anywhere, with me. To have him with me. To be with him. Justin and I. Me and Justin. Amber and Justin. Justin and Amber. Okay I am done. Tomorrow I am hoping to finish moving my bedroom down. This will be difficult seeing as I am going to need Ashley’s desk, but she has not cleaned it out. I have sneezed so many times in the past two days. And I need a shower. I look bad, and dirty. I feel dirty. So yes. Is it silly if I miss him? My post today is a bunch of nothingness. But it is a post. And now it is over.Live well. Laugh often. Love much.