There are a lot of things in this life that are just not fair. The thing is, God knows exactly what He is doing. This sometimes makes me angry. I just want things to work out. I want good people to have good lives. Yes, everyone should be challenged, but some people are just challenged up the wazoo. My mom suffers from fibromyalgia. This makes her in pain every moment of every day. Sure, she made a few mistakes when she was young, but she is such a good person. She cares for people and helps them. She is one of the strongest people I know. But I am fed up with her being in pain all of the time. It just isn’t fair. She can’t work or go to church when she is in pain. It sucks major. I hate it but I try to not feel bad for myself. And I don’t really. I just get sick of her being crabby because she is in pain. I get sick of doing the housework because she cannot. Argh! It just makes me mad. And sad. Depressed in a way. I want to escape. I am so sick of it. I just wish she would be healed. No, I pray she will be. I also pray that Justin’s mom will like me as much as she likes Nikki someday. Meh. I shall go clean now, and then later I will be able to escape from here.