this is the remix to ignition
hot and fresh out the kitchen
mama rollin that body
got evey man in her wishin
sippin on coke and rum
im like so what im drunk
its the freakin weekend baby

im about to have me some fun
I am in Wisconsin right now. My cousin graduated from high school and we came down for her party. There has been a lot of drama here, but nothing too big. Some good times with my cousins and there will be more as the night progresses. I do miss Justin though, and I miss Nikki. But I will be home tomorrow. It is sad though because I will miss church, which is something I really wanted to go to. I always want to go, but we will not be going tomorrow at all. I really don’t want to be here. I really want to go home. Bah humbug. So anyways. Last night Justin and I took Jack and his friend to a movie. It was really fun. Justin is super good with the boys. I rode a motorcycle today for the first time. It was really cool. I never even felt like I was going to fall off or anything. But I am kinda in a bad mood now so I am going to stop writing. If anyone wants to come rescue me, it would be greatly appreciated. Bye.