Welcome to the world wide world of Amber. Amber’s world is completely open to all. If one has questions about the world of Amber, they should ask. Please feel free to email her to seek any information you might long for. And now, as you read about Amber’s world, sit back and enjoy the ride!OK, You win, you caught me daydreaming again
About our sudden evacuation
OK, I give in, I can’t help but wandering
But it seems I can’t get enough information
Curiosity has got a hold of me
Tell me how it’s gonna be – when
One day I’ll see You coming back for me
And all together we’ll fly away
One day I’ll hear that trumpet loud and clear
and all together we’ll fly away
O how I long for the day
When we fly away
Don’t ask me why I keep starin’ at the sky
It’s just I’m lost in anticipation
I know it will be in the twinkling of an eye
It’s just I get lost in my imaginationLife is going. It is going well. Very well. Almost. I miss my best friend. But in the words of someone, give up, but don’t give up. In other news, school will be out next Thursday, only one week from now. I am done with my English speech, which I bombed. I was so incredibly nervous, but I have no idea why. I usually am oka in front of the class. Oh well. LIfe goes on! I have no finals, just a couple of tests. No biggie.What is happening in the next weeks: Justin, this is where bullets would come in handy. Grr. I could sneak into your admin and figure out the code, but that would require remembering the password. By tomorrow I have to 1)study for history so I do not need to cheat again, 2)read some of my book for gender, 3)tell Justin that him not having my garter around his mirror bugs me. By Tuesday I have to 1)finish all of my health projects and 2)study non stop for history. By Thursday I have to 1)have everything done. I have had a good week. I will go over it and my weeks to come for you! Tuesday Justin picked me up and he helped me study. We went to a Twins @ Athletics game that night and we won! 4-3! Wednesday I had fun fun key club. Justin and I went out to eat at Damons. No Adam though. We also worked on the senior grad presentation that I won’t be here for :-(. Thursday (today) Justin picked me up and we dropped Melissa off and went up to church. We worked on the presentation with Derek. Friday Justin and I are going to see Finding Nemo with my 5 year old cousin Jack and his best friend Michael. Justin is so amazing with Jack. It means soooooooo much to me, I wonder if Justin realizes it. Saturday- Sunday I will be in Plover, WI. It is near Steven’s Point. I am going to my cousins grad party. I really wish I could be here on Sunday though, I have not missed a service in a long time. It will be weird. June 5 is the last day of school. June 6 is the MSA graduation. June 7 is Justin’s grad party. June 8 is WHS graduation, I think, and Anna’s grad party. June 9 is my sister’s birthday. June 13 I have a manicure and a pedicure. June 14 is the ball and Sim’s grad party. June 21 is Sarah’s grad party. June 22 is Nikki’s party. July 9-13 is Sonshine. July 14-who knows when we will be at the cabin. August 1-9 is Arizona. Yeah, somewhat busy. I also need to get a job. Meh. I turned in my stuff for PSEO at inver Hills today. I am kind of confused. I am not really sure anymore if teaching is what I want to do when I get older. Maybe it is. I would really just like to be a stay at home mom. I hope my husband will be somewhat wealthy so I can. But the money doesn’t really matter either. As long as we have love. But I have to go to college. So I hope I can start a year early. I wonder… College will be interesting. I need to start realizing that I need to do homework! I think it’s a big thing in college. Hehe. But I learned how to swim and I learned how I was
A lot about livin’ and a litttle ’bout love I have orders to clean my bathroom. I am hungry. I have homework. I should go do all those.I hope you all have a nice day. God Bless.