In the past 2 days I have gone from being in a relationship to being single . Yes, Jon and I broke up. It just wasn’t working, and we didn’t love each other anymore. I am very happy though. Happier than I have been in a while. So I will tell you about my past 2 days. On Tuesday, Jon and I broke up. Then I talked to Justin about things. Then I went to bed. Yesterday, Wednesday, I had to stay after school. Justin picked me up and we went to a park. There we talked . What did we talk about? We talked about us. Last night, John, Justin, Nikki, and I went to see the Matrix. I think it was pretty good. I had a hard time concentrating on it since I had butterflies in my stomach and I was shaking. My oh my. I cannot wait until next week. And on the 24th is prom! Wow. It sure is nice to be able to be this happy. Since I am in school, I should probably stop writing now. Have a great day!