I am home now! Yay for me, I know how to get home. It is especailly easy while riding a bus. I was not accepted into the Concordia PSEO program. I am not sure if I have said that already straight out, but that is what has happened. I am going to apply to Century and Inver Hills. If I do get accepted to these, I am not sure that I will go there. We will see when the time comes. I am just not sure at all what God has planned for me. He sure does work in mysterious ways. I like my new computer Justin! Thank you a lot. I am in the mood for Cheetohs. But they are downstairs. I need a bra. I have probably mentioned this already, or maybe not. But I nees a backless, strapless one for my prom dress. Hmm, I should find a picture of my dress and post it in my album. BRB. Okay back. Ooh! I think I found my dress, but it is in the wrong color. I will post it in my album. Then you can go look there! Yay for you!


I have Brick stuck in my head. It has been for a while now. It won’t go away. Surprisingly, I got up on time this morning. I did end up missing my bus somehow, but my daddy brought me to school. So that is where I am. In school. Sitting in the comp lab during lunch. Why? Well why not. I am kinda hungry though, so I think I will go get something to eat. I want water. It will feel good, especially since my stomach hurts. So I shall update later, maybe. TV Night! My house!