In the door

Like my title Justin? My day was pretty crappy. Woke up late, as usual, to find it icky out. I love when it rains, but not when I start the day off bad. I did not get to take a shower, and even though I took one yesterday, I am dirty. In health we got to watch a fun movie about smoking. In gender, I got to listen to S talk about A. Then I was called down to the guidance office. My mother is worried about me, probably because I kinda spazzed out this morning about how school is awful and I am going to fail this term. So I talked to the counselor, who turned out to be nice after all. I found out that I do not know how to help myself. She asked me what I could do for me, to make me a little happier. I could not think of a single thing. That kind of worries me. I am not sure why, but it does. We didn’t really solve anything. I still have to wait 5 more weeks until happiness. Well, since I did not eat lunch, I think I will go have a snack. Maybe my next post I will be happy.