You know what I cannot do on this diary, I cannot edit my diary entries. Justin, do you think you can make the font larger? Or is it just small on my screen? I suppose that is okay, I don’t usually need it. It is just something that was nice. Tomorrow is Easter. This is a wonderful day. It is when Jesus rose from the dead. At least tomorrow is Easter. That will be a happy day. I have been at church everyday since Wednesday. To be honest, I am getting a tiny bit sick of it, but not really. I really do love it there. Tonight a bunch of us Easter service kids are sleeping over at Vicki’s house. We did this last year also. I got one hour of sleep, and Nikki got zero. Maybe I will make it all night this year. We have to be at church at 430am anyways. I think the day we went to Jamaica was the only time I have been there earlier than that, but possibly not. So I am hoping Vicki doesn’t get too angry with us being loud. Katie said that her basement is finished so maybe us girls will stay down there. So you know how I was going to prom with Nikki? Well someone else asked her, or is going to ask her. So she is going to go with that person, but now I have to find a date. I was thinking I would just take Justin, because Jon doesn’t want to go to 3 dances. I will have to talk to him about this though. I don’t have any feelings for Justin, sorry babe;) but I just don’t think Jon wants to go. I will just have to talk with Jon about it. So anyways. I am pretty hungry so I think I will go have some lunch. But quick weekend recap: Friday- Champps with Melissa, Justin, and Richard, then movie night at Justin’s with Nik, John, Richard, Melissa, Amy, Justin. Justin’s mom showed us some great footage of 1990 Justin, it was a great view!