Ok, I will update. I’m not a very happy person lately. I think I am scared. I am scared that my grades will be bad and I won’t get into college. I am scared that my teachers won’t like me. I am scared that I am too fat. I am scared I won’t have a summer job. I am scared that I will have a sumemr job that won’t give me time off for Arizona. I am scared I won’t raise enough money for Arizona. I also am worried. I am worried that I should be going to Jamaica, not Arizona. I am worried that Concordia won’t accept me. I am worried that if they don’t accept me, I won’t be able to handle another year at the high school. I am worried that Jon will get sick of me keeping things inside. Soon I will be visiting a psychiatrist. My mom thinks that I may have a chemical imbalance. I change moods so quickly. I am happy at one moment, but then at the next I will be completely sad. It scares me. I don’t want to push people away. But then again, I don’t try to invite new people closer.Hmm. Things are so confusing. But I am going to go to LifeTime now. So I will try to update more often.