Yay! Amber has a date tonight. Okay, so I am not really going to talk in 3rd person, don’t worry. I think this post might take me a while. I have a band aid on my left pointer finger. I put a pin, a pin like you would put on a jacket that you received, through the top of my finger. It hurt so bad. But otherwise the day was good. I have a great relationship with my friend Kyle. I love him. He is one of my best friends, and definately my best friend at school. I went to the doctor today. I have big lumps all over my legs. He gave me some scientific name for it, and I have to take meds. He said there really isn’t a cause, unless I have strep. So my date? Jon and I are going out with Anna and Andy. A double date 🙂 It should be fun. But I am going to go now. Have a nice weekend.