Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. Wow huh? It has actually been semi okay.Today my family got a new DVD player, CD player, and speakers. My uncle was getting new ones and he decided it was time for my family to get into the 90’s. (I argued the fact that it was the zero’s now, but he said we had to make it into the 90’s before we could conquer the zeroes.)I am also recieving a new entertainment center thingy. If Justin was on, I would ask his help in linking the picture. Oh, Justin, I need to ask you a favor! Remind me to tell you what it is.I am pretty excited for Christmas. I hope it snows though. We need to have a White Christmas. See ya later!


So what is new with me? Not much.I went to the MOA tonight with Jon, Norm, and Anne. I had a very good time. It is nice to "double date" with Jon’s friends.I sure love that boy! He is great. And I don’t mean to laugh when we make out!You know who else rocks? Justin. Sorry if I called you too late. But anyways.

Tomorrow I have a busy day. Wanna hear?
730am-230pm: Courage retreat
230pm-330pm: Key Club Meeting
330pm-430pm: Pick up family
445pm-700pm: Leadership Meeting
700pm-900pm: Deep Impact

So now I am off to get ready for tomorrow. Adios!


My stomach is killing me.I have to clean.I have to get ready.BUT tonigt… Mark Matlock! It will be awesome.I wish you all could be there.God Bless You.

Survival of the Fittest

I survived the day. why wouldn’t I? I don’t know. But why did I? I am not sure of that either. Who survives each day is totally and completely up to God. His will.Last night we did our Muppets thing. Not too well, I think. Certain people bug me. I.E. Mr. D. You know who I am talking about.But I am going to go now. I have to work a little later.If you are not coming to Mark Matlock, that sure sucks. I really wished you could all come. And I would tell you go sign up, but it is too late.So have a nice day!


Then you rescued me, rescued meLord, with a touch of your handAnother captive free againWho else in heaven could do this but you?You rescued me, rescued meLord, with a love out of mindOh, you know I love it whenEveryday I am rescued again


This entry is exciting. For the first time in the last week, I am updating off the top of my head! I usually have my day written out first. So anyways. I really dont feel like updating, so it will be short. Friday: Work, and I don’t remember.Saturday: Perkins with Doyles and Justin.Then me and Justin at his house working on stuff.Then work.After Jon, Justin and Nikki ate at Damons, and then we came back to my house and watched "Enough."Sunday (today): Waffle Sunday, church, house cleaning, church-Advent service, and High Praise.And that is my weekend. Fun huh?One more thing: Justin, I am always praying for you. Use your head, use your heart, but don’t let them fight.