I wish Christmas never consisted of presents. Everyone would be a lot happier, and more people would know the real meaning of Christmas.I am one of those people that are never happy. And I really try to be, but I cannot help it. My presents:Sweaters, sheets, towel, and picture frame, all being returned.3 GC’s to Nordstroms that I am happy about.Earrings, miscellaneous junk, and an entertainment center.I always end up getting things that I receive early or late. This makes for huge disappointment. And of course mom and dad have to make the price fair. So for my entertainment center and diamond earrings, Ashley received an expensive watch, a cd player, and DDR. DDR which she will always make sure it is HERS! I hate this. "It’s mine, it’s mine." I asked for it in the first place. And then my mom made it perfectly clear that I wouldn’t be able to have it just for me. So she was going to get it for both of us, because now it’s "Ashley’s favorite game, she wants it!" Which always happens, sometimes it would just be better to be an only child. So then it was just forget it, I don’t want it at all. BUt of course I did not mean that. And my parents don’t know me well enough to know this. So they bought it for just Ashley, even though I couldn’t have it for just me. So you see, I am never satisfied. I really don’t want a bunch of junk that will be useless to me. Here I sulk. Making everyone around me pissed. Good for me. Merry Christmas to you all.