I have been looking through Nik’s photos, and I have realized that things are never going to be quite the same.Sarah and Anders will never be much fun. And I honestly hope they read this, because no matter what, they have excluded others for too long. Life can’t be about only one other person. Celeste and I will never be BEST friends. Which is something I hate. We have been apart for too long. I really miss her.All of my senior friends will be at college next year. I know that they will still be around, but not always. I am going to be lonely. This is something I am not good at. I also am not that great at making friends anymore, because I have no want to make new friends. I like the ones I have now.I am incredibly greatful for 3 people in particular. (Not in order of importance) Jon is first. Jon is my boyfriend of about 5 months now. He makes me feel wonderful. He does cute things all the time, and he makes me fall in love with him over and over again.Second, is Nikki. She is the best girlfriend I have right now. I love her to death. She is so great. Everthing problem I bring to her, she helps me with. Thanks Nik.And last but not least, is Justin. Justin, you are incredible. You mean the world to me, and I love you. (Don’t get jealous Jon!) But Justin, thank you too. There are many other people that I couldn’t get through life with, including Derek and Kyle. Friends are what makes the world go ’round.So if I could ask you all a favor. Please pray for me. Any time you think of me, because I need it. And if any of you need prayer, please let me know. Because I will be happy to. Everyone needs prayer.I love you all. Goodnight.Songs: Beautiful by Christina and Thinking Over by Dana Glover


Well, it’s is the beginning of Christmas break. Tomorrow is X-mas Eve, and then X-mas Day.Wow, this entry sounds happy. So anyways. I am going to go hope for something good in my kitchen.Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!