Since I know you all want to buy candles from me, I thought I would tell you the scents/colors!Applejack/dark green Mom’s-apple-pie/red Banana-nut-bread/yellow Blueberry-cobbler/dark blue Buttercream/cream Cappuchino-Brulee/brown Carrot-cake/ dark orange Cinnamon-stick/cinnamon Cucumber-melon/light green Hazelnut/dark orange Honeydew/light green Honeysuckle/yellow Lilac/Violet Mulberry/burgundy Peaches-n-cream/peach Plumeria/plum Pumpkin-spice/dark orange Raspberry-delight/burgundy Snickerdoodle/dark yellow Strawberry-shortcake/strawberry Sugarcookie/ivory Summer-rain/royal blue Vanilla-crunch/peach Watermelon/light redNow do remember that Christmas is coming up. You really can’t go wrong with candles. With such a variety of scents and colors you can match a candle to anyone’s personality. It is for a good cause too, my church!Okay, enough of the salespitch.I got ready in 9 minutes this morning. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. It is getting harder and harder for me to get up in the morning. I don’t think it is the mono though. I am pretty sure that I am over that. I hope over our long break I can get caught up. I watched Gilmore Girls last night. I’m happy that Rory and Jess are together. I think Luke and Lorelai have feelings for each other. They should get married.YAY! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I never thought about how much I love this holiday until this year. I love seeing my family and eating turkey. i even still sit at the kid’s table. But I love sitting there! My cousins Jack, 5, and Sierra, 1, are my favoritest people. Jack is so cute and he always has gobs of energy. He is the reason I love getting together with my family so much. I really need to organize my room. Do you think having my mattress on the floor is adding to my back pain? I think it might be. For Christmas I decided that I am asking for 2 bearded dragons. I love lizards and these are my favorite kind. They can live up to 10 years. I would name them Rico Suave and Jose Cuervo. If there was a girl I would name her Phoebe. But I’ll probably get 2 boys. The vets say that they do fine if they live alone. But how depressing is that? I’d much rather be with a buddy that alone all of my life. If have any better names for them, please let me know!I ate at Damon’s last night. It’s kinda weird eating at a place when you know what the kitchen looks like. I work Friday and Saturday. I think I will pick up some shifts around Christmas. Or I could sleep in every day. Maybe I can train in on bussing and do that once in a while. That would be kinda fun. I’ll ask Angie.My two favorite letters to write are k’s and z’s.I think I am going to write a mean letter to Ms. Marthaler (my old band teacher). She is being mean to me and ignoring me. That’s not a good feeling to have a teacher ignore you. I was always there when she needed me to be. I did everything she asked of me, but now she is mean to me for no reason.I wish I had a $1000 shopping spree. I could use some new jeans and stuff, but I don’t want to spend my money. I need it to buy Christmas presents for people. I really don’t want to buy Christmas presents this year. I guess I’ll just do simple ones. I know what I’ll get my aunt and uncle, but that’s it. Who knows what I’ll get Jon. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?So another week of school is over. Next week I will come back and do the same ol’ routine. I’ll barely make the bus, try to stay awake, do my work, and go home. This has been going on for almost 12 years now, with one to go. Then it’ll be off to college. A fresh set of faces, new classes, new teachers. But where to go after college? The next few years of my life are laid out, but after college I’m clueless. I really have no idea what I am going to be. This kind of troubles me. There are so many things that I am interested in, but yet, no idea as to a profession. I guess that is okay for now though. Who knows, maybe I’ll just be a stay at home mom. I would like that. I’d get to be with my kids. I’ll major in something… who knows… who knows.For Christmas I want 4 things:~2 Lizards~Dr. Martens~Palm Pilot~Cell phoneSpendy eh? But that’s really it. There really isn’t anything else that would be useful to me. Of course, those things are expensive, and my family isn’t rich. I guess these are things I’ll have to save up for on my own.Have a happy Turkey Day!