Math Class 2

So math class is by far the most boring class ever. Most of the stuff I am learning will never be useful to me in the real world! Believe me, there is a chart on the wall that tells me so. By the way, if you are a waitress, you don’t even need to use a calculator.Last night I watched Everwood. That show is making it all the way up there. It has even passed up 7th Heaven. Everwood is such a good show. So Nikki has quit Damon’s. I now work there all alone. Oh well. I think I can handle it. But I am super happy for her new job at AE.Tomorrow is Jon and my four month anniversary. Yay! He is going to come over and sit in th ehot tub. Oh and tomorrow is also when I can kiss my boy! WOOHOO!Mark Matlock is coming up! You all should go. You know what else you should do? You should buy candles from me. It is to support my church, so it is a good cause.It would be cool if I could just write on the computer. Like on a pad of paper, but it goes into the computer. Then everybody could see how messy my handwriting gets.It would be really cool to be a mermaid. I’ve always wanted to be one.I think for my prom dress, I will have someone make it. Would it be tacky to wear the same dress this year to Jon’s prom and next year to mine? Only Jon would know, but hmm…I need a manicure. I keep picking at my nails. It isnt good.I don’t think anyone could read my handwriting at this point. I wish I could sing. Then I would try out for the musicals and and sing in High Praise. But I wasn’t blessed with that.You know, I have a pretty awesome set of friends:*Jon is a great boyfriend. He really cares about me. He is super sweet and he treats me very well. I can’t imagine anyone better for me.* Justin is wonderful. He is always there for me. He is great to talk to and helps me through a lot of problems.* Nikki is a fabulous friend. She is much more than just a friend. *Wink wink* Nik is great. I can talk to her about whatever.All of my other friends are great also! I am pretty lucky.Well, I shall go do KC stuff. Bye!