Tonight Jon and I are going to go see the school play! I am really excited. I have a lot of friends in the play, and I can’t wait to see them all. We are also going to go out for dinner. I am making him decide where. Tonight is Friday Night Frenzy at church. You should all go! It will be tons o’ fun! School went fairly well. I am totally caught up in everything. My math teacher is kinda mean to me. I don’t think she likes me too well. The good news is that I understand everything in chemistry! That class is the only one I really care about. My cousins are coming this weekend. But I really won’t get to see them that much. Why? Well because tonight I will be gone. Tomorrow I work during the day (so come visit me!) And on Sunday I have church church church. My hands are really dry. Gross huh? I don’t know why they are, but they are. My grandpa called me the other day to wish me a happy late birthday. The weird thing is, I kind of forgot about him. He is my mom’s dad. My mom’s parents are divorced. He isn’t around all that much, but he never forgets about us. He sends us birthday presents and Christmas presents. We try to see him as much as possible, but things usually doesn’t work out. He is really a great grandpa, I just never see him. When he didn’t call me on my birthday, I didn’t even realize that there should have been one more person to call me. Both of my grandparents have remarried. My grandma’s husband is wonderful. I don’t even think of him as a step grandpa. My grandpa’s wife is nice too. I have never really called her grandma, I have only called her by her name. It is kind of weird. It must be super weird to have your parents remarry. Why do you think this entry is called notepad? Well, I will tell you. I am writing on the notepad of my computer. This way, I won’t accidently hit "Home" and change the site. I usually do that, and then it changes the window that I am working on and I lose everything. It frustrates me greatly.Well, I think I will go finalize the entry and get ready for tonight. I hope you all have a good evening!Song: Footloose