Long time no write!

I sure haven’t updated in awhile! Almost a whole month. The duration of my mononucleosis. Mono sucks, but I am pretty much over it. While I am here, I am going to recommend this book to the world. "When God Writes Your Love Story." It is a fabulous book, and if you would like to borrow it from me, I’d be glad to lend it to you. So anyways, what else is new? Well I am 17 now. My birthday was on November 2. Woohoo! And last Sunday I saw the Newsboys for the 3rd time. Amazing as always.How are things with me and Jon? Fabulous! We are one week away from our 4 month anniversary. I sure do love him! And he has his back brace off now. I like hugging him and feeling him, not a big sheet of plastic. I’ve talked with Celeste lately. It’s nice. She told me that she sent me a birthday card with money in it. I never received it. So whoever stole it better give it back! Keep the money, I just want the card! I sure do miss Celeste. On Friday Jon and I are going to see "Footloose" at my school. I am really excited. Because 1) I love seeing my friends perform, and they are excellent. And 2) I love going anywhere with him. What else should I tell you? Well, I could tell you a lot…. But not all is for the whole world to know. I never got to say goodbye to PT. But at least I will get to see him at Brian’s wedding. I can’t wait to see him again. I really have nothing more to say. So goodbye!Song: Praise Adonai