Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

I have mono. It isn’t too fun. I am tired, and my throat hurts. I sleep til 11am and I don’t get to go to school. Yeah, so I am a little lucky. I learned some pretty interesting facts about mono, and I will share them with you.*Some people carry mono, aka EBF, all of their lives, but never produce the symptoms. But they spread it to other people. *Symptoms include-fever -sore throat *-enlarged lymph nodes, especially in the neck (CMV) *-malaise (vague ill feeling) *-frequent tiredness or fatigue *-loss of appetite -muscular aches or stiffness*(I have the ones that are starred)*Mono can cause the spleen to become enlarged. If this happens, and you are tackled or something, the spleen can rupture and cause you to bleed to death.*Mono can be spread through the exchanging of saliva or tears.Those are pleasant huh?Being sick has some advantages. My wonderful boyfriend whom I love has stopped by a couple of times. He even brought me a gorgeous sketch book. He is great. Saturday we, as in Jon and I, are going to Jon’s friend’s party. It is his birthday and he is having a toga party. I am really excited.on Sunday, it will be PT’s last sermon. This won’t be too pleasant. It is also his going away party. Okay, no more talk about him.I have so much homework since I have been gone the whole week. But I am going to go play SIMS now. I think. I don’t really want to, but I just might. Advice for the day: DANCE!