Nothing much interesting to say today, but will highlight events.

Work- Fun as usual.
Shopping- Great, spent all of my money.
Home- Nothing exciting, except I got my report card. F in math, parents aren’t too happy.
TODAYChurch- Good as always. PT preached about change. Justin came to Genesis which was new, yet I was happy. Jamaica Presentation- Hectic. But we got it done, and hopefully we will get people to sponsor the boys. It was nice to reminisce about the trip. Birthday party- not all it should be cracked up to be. I got a cool picture from my grandma. This is it. Yes, it is different, but I like it. And I got $40 for Best Buy. My parents also gave me my letter jacket.

Monday- School, will suck. Nothing else planned.
Tuesday- School, probably better than Monday. Coffee with small group.
Wednesday- School, will be long, waiting for it to be over. Evening- Probably church, maybe not because I will be heading up to the Dibbern cabin. I am super excited.
Thursday thru Saturday- Spent at the cabin.
Sunday- Church, nursery, High Praise.

Nothing really more to say now. I think I will go talk to Celeste now. She must hate me for not sending her yearbook yet, but I was stupid not to. So she will forgive, and I have learned better. Night.