Justin bring up an interesting point. Do people really read these diaries just to learn more about us? I really don’t update that often. Are people losing interest in my life? Well from now on I shall update almost daily! You will be able to know how I am feeling, and when I am feeling it. You will get so sick of me! So how am I doing? I am doing pretty okay. I got my hair hi-lighted last night. It looks nice. So tonight I am working. And then I am planning on going to a movie with the crew. I love movie nights! I am really glad it’s today. Why? Because it is PAYDAY! Woohoo. Man, I cannot get ahold of Nikki. How aggravating.So anyways. Tomorrow, Smash and I are going to go shopping! I am excited. Maybe we will go to Maplewood Mall. And then on Sunday it is church, then the Jamaica presentation, and then birthday party. High Praise is playing at church and I would really like to go, seeing as I am the soundboarder :), but the birthday party is for me, my cousin, and my uncle. It isn’t even my birthday until November 2, but Sunday is the only day that we can do it. I have no idea how I am going to get to work…. maybe Justin, maybe I will walk. Yeah. Right. Movie night may be cancelled tonight. Tuck Everlasting is playing too early, and Nikki and I won’t be off yet. Geez, I was super excited to see it! I was so looking forward, but oh well. I can save my money then I guess. Well, I think I am going to go now. Talk online or something. See ya!Song: Anything Good Charlotte, especially Day that I Die