I really don’t like school. Especially math class. I usually really like math, but I don’t like my teacher. And I don’t think she likes me. So today I almost cried. Pathetic huh? I could not help it though. I was fighting back tears. Finally class was done. And the first thing that made me smile to doing was Richard. I saw him coming down the hall and he was smiling to see me! And he came up to me and we exchanged hugs. He said, "Long time no see!" Or something to that affect. It made me feel great.The second thing that made me feel good was when Maria, in espanol clase, told me that for being sick I looked really good. How nice of her!Then at the end of third hour I went home. I didn’t feel great. When I got home, I slept until 5pm. It felt great!So now, I am just sitting here until Online Bible Study starts. If it even does, seeing as Derek just had his baby. Adios!