I really don’t try to complain all of the time. So sorry. School isn’t absolutely awful. I think I will be able to live through it. I mean at least I have the opportunity to go to school! So anywho. I like my new colors of my diary. And the font. What do you think? You should write me a note to let me know! Okay! This weekend, I am going to Wisconsin Dells. I have never been there before. Well, I kind of have, but I didn’t get to see anything. Confused? Ask me about it! The marching band is going. Cool huh? We are playing at a Badgers’ game. The Badgers? No idea whatsoever. Except I know that I saw a cool Badgers’ hat at the MOA. And this Sunday is Sierra’s, my baby cousin, first birthday party! Her actual birthday is tomorrow. i am really excited.There is a fruit fly flying around my head. I think I am going to go now. Thought: If you get callases from playing the guitar, can you get them from typing a lot?


Second week of school underway.Sucks.Icky classes.Failed test.Forgot about pictures.Came in sweatshirt.Left class anyways.Went back. Bombed Quiz.Ate lunch.Another quiz.Failed.C in chemistry.Need sleep.Don’t need to wake.