The concert was awesome! The Newsboys rocked! So did GO FISH!!! And you should definately check out Newsong. They were cool. I got a job! At Damons. I start training soon.What else? I don’t know. Haha. Wanna know something awesome? I am in Richie’s Onus! And I might be a character. We can jump! Right Richie? I think only a few people get that. Oh well! Check out that page of Richie’s tho! It is awesometastic.I should really get some sleep soon. I have the dumb parade in the morning. Oh well. It is awesome that I have opportunites like this to be in a parade. And I am lucky to have feet:)I love Jon!Okay well I think I shall go to sleep now. And remember: "They don’t serve breakfast in Hell!"Song: "Breakfast" by The Newsboys