One month!

I am awesome! Tonight was fabulous! Why? Because it is Jon and I’s one month. Cool eh?so wanna know what we did? Too bad! But we did end up walking around Ojibway. Yep that is exactly what we did. And we sat under the gazebo. Right Jon? So anyways. Thursday is the Newsboys concert! Yay! I am really excited! Me, Sarah, and Anders are going. We are going to hang out at the fair before, where I shall spend money I shouldn’t. So if any of you want to give me some fair money, that would be great!My week is fairly busy. Wanna know what is going on? Okay if you insist!Tomorrow (Wednesday): Sophomore Orientation where I shall show around a foreign exchange student and help at the Key Club booth. Then it is off to a photo shoot. Seriously! We (my sister and I) are getting our pics taken to be displayed in our salon. Then off to meet with Derek and Trotter. That night we will probably end up school shopping.Thursday: Hang out at the fair with Sarah and Anders, then Newsboys!Friday: Parade at the State Fair. And then, I don’t know, maybe Jon’s cabin if his parents let me. Then the rest of the weekend is open! Unless it is spent at the cabin. But through this whole time, I will be missing Nikki. She is on a family vacation. She may be enjoying herself, but I highly doubt it. So what else is new in my life? I have the huge regret of not seeing my two little cousins since before I left for Jamaica. I hate it! And I miss them so much. But I am going to try and see them soon. So I should go talk to Justin now. So have an excellent day/night/morning.Today’s song: Go here: K102 Playlist or turn on GAC and any song that will play on there I love.


Yesterday was the worst day I have had in a while. Except for coffee with Trotter, that was great. But what went wrong?My wrist is killing me. I hurt it bowling last Friday, and drumming made it worse, so it is in an ace bandage. Then we got home and found our power to be out. The dumb XCel people thought we didn’t pay our bill, which we definately did, so they shut us off. So we had candles. And no air. What else? I had a key club meeting. And don’t get me wrong, I love key club, but I can only have so much of them. So I "had to leave in an hour" which I really didn’t, I just said I did.So then, I needed the computer for reasons not to be said yet, but of course no power. So Justin, being the lifesaver that he is, saved the day. I went up to MSA where he was working and used their computers. Thanks Justin!So I think that pretty much sums up the day. Except for things that I don’t want to talk about. But if any of you are up to watching a movie that will make me cry, please let me know! It would help a lot. I have tears sitting in my body that haven’t been able to come out for about a week. Guess what I did while there was no power this morning?! I wrote a list of things that I will do before I die. It is a pretty good list I think. If I do say so myself. Well, I should probably go. I have to clean for my cousin who is staying the night. Adios! Today’s question: "Why?"

Today’s song: "One Last Breath" by Creed. It says exactly how I feel today.