Since over the next few weeks, I will occasionally be asked what my schedule is, I figure I can just post it and save myself and others time.Term 1:Math – NystedtInterpersonal Comm – VossSpanish – HuffChemistry – GoodTerm 2:Math – NystedtSpanish – HuffComm Tech – HawkinsonChemistry – GoodTerm 3:Funct/Stat/Trig – NystedtHistory – AndrewsPhy Ed – NickelbyEnglish – BuikemaTerm 4: Funct/Stat/Trig – NystedtHealth – FriskHistory – BricknerEnglish – BuikemaWell, there you go. If any of you have tips for me to survive this junior year of mine, it would be greatly appreciated.