Well… I am really not in the mood to write in here. But I will, for there is no need for me to sleep. I’m a little peeved. For a few reasons. Would you like to hear them? Too bad, you are going to. Well, first things first. I am angry about a Jamaica thing. Let’s call a certain leader Diane. (I’m sure you will never guess who I am talking about.) But anyways, we are supposed to be selling Krispy Kremes. But has she told us to tomorrow? Well today…. No. And has she contacted us about it at all? No. And does any of the whole selling thing make sense to me? No. But yet, I am being responsible, and I will be going into church early tomorrow. I will be early as usual. And yesterday, I guess I wasn’t the happiest. And Jon was over, and he probably sensed it. I feel bad, it wasn’t him. It was me. So, I know you will read this Jon, so I am sorry if I was hostile. So yeah. This is quite the random entry. But anyways. I think I have nothing else to say. Or nothing I want to say for fear the people I want to say it about will read this. But I could ramble on about nothingness. Is that a word? Cause I think it is. And if it isn’t, I have just made a new word.Well, I am sitting here listening to my parents watch a movie. And my mom telling me it is time for bed. I don’t want to sleep. Why should I be sleeping when the rest of the world is having fun?Maybe I just won’t go to sleep. I can go play games on the computer in my closet. Maybe I will do that for a while.Goodnight.Random thought: Why do fish swim?

Ice cubes

Why do freezers make ice cubes that are curved, so that when you try to drink them, they get in the way of your mouth and the water?

Here I Am

I really have nothing to talk about, but I thought I should write something. So here I am. Once again, writing about things that I really don’t want the whole world to read about, but not having any where else to write it. There are so many things going through my mind. And they are all about one thing. Most of you who know me, will know what that one thing is. It is all so confusing, I really don’t know what I want. I have this perfect picture in my mind, but that is never going to happen, but then I am afriad if I shoot for that, I will never find what I am looking for.Are any of you following this? Probably not, but if you are, don’t be discouraged. I am just confused, but my feelings haven’t changed.I know that if I just keep praying, that I will know the path I am supposed to follow. Woah, this is all making sense to only me. Forget everything you have just read. Today’s song: Why Did you Mess with Forever by John Mayer

Too much Bryan

I had a pretty good yesterday. In the morning Celeste and I went to Lake Elmo for some dorky key club thing. Bryan met us up there, and we layed in the sun for a while. Then I came home and cleaned while Celeste and Bryan went to DQ. I also cooked. How fun. During my cleaning time, I talked on the phone with Jon for awhile. I thought it was for aroung 2 hours, but Celeste says it was 3. It was a good convo, I like talking to him. Bryan came over for dinner. Then Nikki showed up to bring me the pants that I left in Bryan’s tent. Don’t ask 😉 After dinner we all went swimming. It was really fun. For the most part, and I won’t go into the ugly details, which only certain people know. Well, I should go entertain Celeste now. And eat a pop tart.

First boat ride

After a long day of working at the salon, picking up something from Lake, and grocery shopping with Bryan and Celeste, it was off to the St. Croix river for a boat ride. "Wow Amber, that should be fun," you say, but no it wasn’t. The time before and through the ride to the river, my family was really annoying and stupid. So when we got there, Celeste and I sat on the dock, and watched as I dropped my sunglasses into the mucky water. Did I get them back? No. Sitting there on the dock, I just wanted to dive in after my glasses, but never come back up. Then we went out boatin’. Riding those waves, I found that the only place I wanted to be at that moment was at the cabin in the boat with Anders trying to top 50 mph. What a weird thought huh? It is so nice being with him. Don’t get me wrong, I have no romantic feelings for the boy, I just love him as a friend. As I was thinking this, my parents started asking me dumb questions about my night with Jon. That it when I did it. I took the plunge into the 83.4 feet of 78 degree water. Ok, so I didn’t really, but I sure did want to! You would think such a nice boat would bring me pleasure, but no. I did get to drive it, and that was fun. Then after we got home, we went to Blockbuster, and now we are watching Night at the Roxbury. My almost favorite movie. So now I shall leave.Today’s song: "3am" by Matchbox 20Today’s regret: Not talking to Jon at allWhat I am super excited for: The wedding!

My lovely Sunday

Today I woke up and went to church. Celeste fell asleep on the table, she was really tired. After church, I went to the Frost household so Derek could drop off their van, and then I brought him back to church. Then I brought Jonathan home. Celeste and I then went to Cub and came home to clean my room. So now it is clean. Well, actually I was cleaning while she was tanning. I also talked to Jonathan for over an hour. It was great. We then went over to Bryan’s house to visit. His mom, Dawn, bought 2 dozen Krispy Kremes from me! It was really fun. We got to meet a real police dog! He was cute. Later Jonathan came over. We all played pool. And cleaned Celeste’s pool. Celeste got really bored, left us ALL ALONE 😉 …. So we watched a movie – Corky Romano. Then after that I took him home. We listened to Relient K repeatedly all day. It’s a good thing that they are good. So all in all I had an awesome day. So did Celeste. Woohoo. Today’s musical extravaganza (and Celeste’s favorite song) : Entertaining Angels by Newsboys