Justin, that sure is a cool word! Don’t you think? I love Justin. But anyways. I just got back from Target and church. I went there with Jon to get a present for the Foster wedding. It is a really nice picture frame. Then we went up to church. Do you like my new layout type thing? Nikki did it! Isn’t that majorly awesome of her? I think I want to take a computer programming class type thing, so that I can learn how to make websites and everything. I love writing in this thing.Celeste-E is going to come home soon. I am very glad. I miss her. And I really am not mad at her. Even though she is at me. But I think I will just let bygones be bygones. Because I love her, and I don’t want to lose touch, or become enemies. Look, I am a snake. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Tonight we are going to PAR-TAY! At Justin’s! You should all come! And tomorrow is the wedding! YAY!And on Tuesday we leave for Jamaica!Wow. I am so excited for everything!But I am really nervous for Jamaica. I have never been on a mission trip, and it will be so different… but it will be great. Disney shows are the best. And movies. They teach you such valuable lessons. I had a song of the day picked out but I seem to have lost it. But a new one. Advice of the day: Don’t hit beamers.Song of the day: "Get a clue" by Simon and Milo.


Do you know what I have realized? That every day’s word is awesome. I think I am addicted to the word. I went to the drive-in last night. It was majorly awesomely fun. Richard’s boob makes an excellent pillow. Did you know that the alt-tab trick is the coolest thing ever? Well it is, and now you know. Today I shall go shopping with Jon for a wedding present. If he ever wakes up to call me. And then we shall go to church and do Jon’s Jamaica stuff! WE ARE LEAVING ON TUESDAY!!! I am majorly excited.What am I doing up at this time you ask? Well I won’t tell you. Ha.I am super hungry. I need food this early in the morning. But do we have anything? Nope, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, I could keep going but I think you get the picture. Anywho. La la la la la la. That is what I think. I also think it is time to stop this now. Adios.