Early morningness

Woohoo. I can write more today. Methinks it is too early to have been up for hours. I had an ortho appointment this morning. Yuck. And tomorrow I have to get up early for a manicure! But that is good. So what else is new with me? Well, I have to go to the bathroom, so hold please………….Ok I have returned. Guess what?! Tonight I am going to the drive-in. I also have to bag groceries today, so come buy some at Rainbow!Celeste is at Nikki’s…. and I am wondering if it is too early to call them. I know how long Celeste can sleep in, but I don’t know about Nikki. I guess I will wait a little while longer. Jon comes home tonight! I’m glad. I wonder if he will call me… HINT HINT! Haha. If I am not here, ask for the cell phone number k Jon? OK! So anyways. I think I shall sing. Not to you, just out loud.I went to Pastor Todd’s house yesterday. It is so gorgeous. And Kelly was there! And the two littlest kids. They are adorable, expecially Nathan. Speaking of yesterday, it was our Jamaica team prep day. It was really fun! I was at church almost 12 hours! But I love it there. It is my favorite place to be! That is a good thing isn’t it?Well, anyway. I think I shall go now. I have a lot to do before Jamaica, and so little time! Today’s word: AWESOME!