No title today

Hola. I don’t think I have much to write. I should not say that at the beginning of every entry. How annoying for the reader. So anyways. Wanna hear about my day? Well, after I was at church, I went out to eat at Applebees. I went with Derek, Kristen, little John, Jon, Nikki, and Bryan. It was really fun! I am glad Kristen came because we don’t get to see her enough. I also talked to Justin for awhile. I really enjoy talking to him. I also wish I could solve all of his puzzles. (Thanks for the word!) He is my favorite person to talk to I think. No, I know. Hey! Don’t get your feelings hurt! I like talking to you too!You know what I realized? That most of my friends before this year, probably have no idea who these people are! I really don’t hang out with any of my "old crowd." But I am glad. I think that most of the friends I used to have, would just be a bad influence on me. I also think that I would feel very left out. I would not be going to parties and drinking or doing drugs, and no sex either! Woohoo. What a little Miss Pure I am. But that is really okay with me. I wonder how many of you that read this are surprised at what I just revealed… But I do think I will go now. I really have nothing else to say. Have an awesome day!