Well… I am really not in the mood to write in here. But I will, for there is no need for me to sleep. I’m a little peeved. For a few reasons. Would you like to hear them? Too bad, you are going to. Well, first things first. I am angry about a Jamaica thing. Let’s call a certain leader Diane. (I’m sure you will never guess who I am talking about.) But anyways, we are supposed to be selling Krispy Kremes. But has she told us to tomorrow? Well today…. No. And has she contacted us about it at all? No. And does any of the whole selling thing make sense to me? No. But yet, I am being responsible, and I will be going into church early tomorrow. I will be early as usual. And yesterday, I guess I wasn’t the happiest. And Jon was over, and he probably sensed it. I feel bad, it wasn’t him. It was me. So, I know you will read this Jon, so I am sorry if I was hostile. So yeah. This is quite the random entry. But anyways. I think I have nothing else to say. Or nothing I want to say for fear the people I want to say it about will read this. But I could ramble on about nothingness. Is that a word? Cause I think it is. And if it isn’t, I have just made a new word.Well, I am sitting here listening to my parents watch a movie. And my mom telling me it is time for bed. I don’t want to sleep. Why should I be sleeping when the rest of the world is having fun?Maybe I just won’t go to sleep. I can go play games on the computer in my closet. Maybe I will do that for a while.Goodnight.Random thought: Why do fish swim?