Too much Bryan

I had a pretty good yesterday. In the morning Celeste and I went to Lake Elmo for some dorky key club thing. Bryan met us up there, and we layed in the sun for a while. Then I came home and cleaned while Celeste and Bryan went to DQ. I also cooked. How fun. During my cleaning time, I talked on the phone with Jon for awhile. I thought it was for aroung 2 hours, but Celeste says it was 3. It was a good convo, I like talking to him. Bryan came over for dinner. Then Nikki showed up to bring me the pants that I left in Bryan’s tent. Don’t ask 😉 After dinner we all went swimming. It was really fun. For the most part, and I won’t go into the ugly details, which only certain people know. Well, I should go entertain Celeste now. And eat a pop tart.